About Us

Welcome to our website, GameBunker.info. …. The name suggests maybe you’ve already guessed the actual aim of this site. Generally the meaning of the word “game” is “an activity that one engages in for amusement or fun ” and the other word “bunker” means “a room or set of rooms with very strong walls , built under ground as a shelter against bomb” , simply bunker indicates one kind of shelter  . If you combine the meaning of these two words, you can easily understood the main aim of our website. GAME BUNKER is a place for all kinds of video gamers with lots of facilities and essential files that is always need for the games. This place is not only for fun but also a great place which will be very helpful for every gamer. Firstly we would like to clear about ourselves. This project is a fully non-profitable project. As a gamer more or less we know the needs of a gamer so through this website, we would like to solve the problems and eradicate the obstacles what they face in their daily gaming life. GAME BUNKER is not established only for a particular community or country rather we want to capture the whole gaming industry and gamers of the all countries. In our website we provide the opportunity that gamers can share their opinions, show their skills and most importantly our websites works based on the proverb – “one for all, all for one”. We believe that our website is very helpful with lots of facilities and opportunities for now and for future, we will try our best to make GAME BUNKER the best website for every year.
To connect with us, mail us to help@gamebunker.info . Any kind of suggestion/discussion please post to forum. We are always there at your service.